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Turkish music is very old music with long tradition and culture. There are lots of influences on the Turkish music, so most of them come from the Muslim people, who are also living into the Turkish. Turkish is country into the Europe, so lots of influences also come from European country. On the other side, it should be mention that music styles has been changed during the time, especially if it take in considering that Turkish people had lots of wars, during the history. So, with the invasion of the Asian, people, this music also got some elements of the Asian music.

Still, Turkish music is old and traditional music, but also this music contains elements of the modern music. The most important role into the life of the Turkish people, for sure that plays tradition and folk music. It could be said that Turkish music is folk music, with lots of elements taken from tradition music. Also, there are and other genres of the Turkish music, such as pop, rock, jazz, classical and other.

Turkish Music The most important names into the Turkish music are> Sezen Aksu, Ajda Pekkan, Abaci, Erol Evgin, Muazzes Ersoy, Seda Sayan, Zerrin Ozer, Ozcan Deniz, Muzeyyen Senar and Deniz Seki. Today one of the most famous singer into the Turkish music is Tarkan with his songs, he is very popular, not only in the Turkish, but also and other countries into the Europe.

There are and other bands and solo singers who are very popular into Turkish and worldwide. The elements of the modern music are mixed with the folk and traditional music, which gives very melodic and exotic rhythms, making you for dancing. Mostly, the music of the Turkish is full of dynamic, fast and rare slow. There are lots of elements from folk music, mixed with modern instruments, but also and contrary traditional instruments with the modern melody.

There are various folk dances into the Turkish music, so most interesting for major people is dance of the dancer, who are females. They are dancing with moving the body, shacking over and over. This dance is followed with traditional music, but also and traditional instruments. Very important role in this dance have also and drums, various models of them.

Today, Turkish music took lots of elements from the music of other countries, especially from the west countries, but also and these countries, takes elements of Turkish traditional music, especially folk music, for creating new melodies and songs.