Top Vietnamese Songs

Vietnamese songs have a major influence of Chinese and Japanese music. They also have a very interesting blend of Indian and Mangolian Music. A lot of ethnic communities in Vietnam have contributed heavily to their music culture. Most of the present day Vietnamese music has been made with a blend and slight changes in the traditional music. Their music is very lively and highly spiritual in nature. The music of Vietnam is considered to be mesmerizing and some of the best singers who have contributed in rendering their voice to this lovely music are Pham Duy, Ming Tuy  and Hoang Trong. Nowadays, Vietnamese music has also included other genres like Rock N Roll, western Pop and Eastern classical music. Some of their best songs have been listed below.

1.Kiep Ngheo by Lam Phuong

This song has some elaborate lyrics and has been beautifully sung by R Lam Phuong. It has an excellent beat and moves on with an energetic pace. Some effects in the song are refreshingly good. Lam Phuong has tried to add a personal touch to the song and sounds very pleasing.

2.Tango Tim by Anh Bang

This is a soft song with great background music. The song starts off well with good rhythm and beats . Anh Bang takes the song to euphoric levels with her melodious voice. This is a fabulous composition that flows slowly and steadily into your mind and immerses you in the sea of music.

3.Thu Ca by Pham Manh Cuong

Pham Manh Cuong is proficient at melodies, and he proves it yet again in this song. The beat of the song is out of the world and will catch you unaware. This  song has a fast pace and the meaningful lyrics have been sung with a lot of energy.

4.Dung Buoc Giang Ho by Hoang Trong

It’s a pleasing song and touches your heart. Hoang Trong has sung this song in a high pitch and added his own unique touch to the song.It has a very relaxing feel to it and one can listen to it after a long and tiring day to feel refreshed.

5.Pho Buon by Pham Duy

Pham Duy has sung this song in his mesmerizing voice. The lyrics of the song are very entertaining and the way the words have been moulded with the music is brilliant. It is a perfect blend of right vocals, lovely music and awesome lyrics.

6.Tien Buoc Sang Ngang by Hoang Trong

This song is melody and Hoang Trong proves yet again that he has the best expertise in it. He has experimented with his voice in this song and sound very different from his usual self. This song was well appreciated by the masses and remains one of the best songs of Hoang Trong.

7.Tango Di Vang by Le Minh Bang

This is a unique song. The gentle music in the background adds strength to the song and creates a lasting effect. Le Minh Bang has sung it in a soothing manner and sounds pleasing to the ears.

8.Xa Veng by Nguyen Van Hien

This is a fun loving song. The energetic music and Nguyen Van Hien’s voice add beauty to this track. There are also some nice synth effects to the song which makes it even more enchanting.

9.What’s Going On by Marcin Gaye

This beautiful track that captures your heart right from the start. Marcin Gaye has rendered this beautiful song.Its a blend of conventional and modern music. It was super hit for a long time and was on the top of the billboard charts for more than 6 weeks.

10.Nowhere to Run by Martha Reeves and The Vandellas

This is a fast paced song. Martha Reeves and The Vandellas sound very young and flawless. The way they have handled such a tough composition is out of the world. This song will find a special place in the music world for many years to come.