Top Thai Songs

Thailand’s music is a combination of various cultures. One can see a very high impact of Indian and Chinese music in their songs. Thai musical scripts are said to be complex, and they are made of seven unvarying notes with a firm and balanced tempo. A variety of instruments like Piano,flute and gongs are an integral part of Thai music. These instruments create magic and are very relaxing to listen to to.Some of the singers who have contributed greatly in the Thai music circuit are Poppy Tomo K-Otic, Kanom Jean and Tichmond Toy. Some of their songs have been listed below.

1.Tee Chan by Namcha

It’s a feel good song and Namcha had rendered it in a classy way.The song has unmatched lyrics and excellent music. The background music is simple but the musical settings make you admire the song from the first listen.

2.Kit A Rai by Two Popetorn

The lyrics of the song are beyond comparison. Two Popetorn give an impact to the song with their energetic singing. The passion with which they have sung some of the verses make this song an inevitable one.

3.Saep by Da Endorphine

The arrangement of the song is stupendous and the instrumentation goes in sync with the lyrics. Da Endorphine has done a challenging task in this song. The music of the song really stands out in this track.

4.Wan la Kiss by Dan Worrawech

This song is full of emotions. Dan Worrawech has executed the song in a perfect manner. The way he switches to high notes in the song is brilliant. The slow music and simple lyrics make this a likeable track.

5.Deja Vu by Poppy Tomo K-Otic

The music of the song blends very well with the vocals. Poppy Tomo K-Otic has crooned this song in his unique voice. This song leaves the music lovers wanting for more.

6.Gra-bpao Baen by The Richmond Toy

This song has a nice and relaxing feel to it. The background music along with the vocals by The Richmond Toy makes this song a pleasure to listen to. This song was a super hit for a very long time.

7.Hua Goi by Singto The Star 5

Singto The Star 5 have outdone themselves in this song. It’s a cheerful song and the way in which they have added the needed charm to the song is awesome. The music of the song forces you to shake a leg along with it.

8.Bpen Peuan by Kanom Jean

Kanom Jean’s voice flows gently and takes you to a different world. This was a favorite among the music buffs and was liked by the youngsters a lot.

9.Mai Leua by Be Peerapat

It’s a peppy number and the lyrics touch your soul. The music of the song is foot-tapping and makes you groove to its tune. Be Peerapat has given one of his best performances in this track.

10.Ot Ot by The Tichmond Toy

The Tichmond Toy has rendered their vocals to this song. He proves his singing prowess by modulating his voice brilliantly. Overall a listenable track that won’t disappoint.

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