Top Engagement Songs

Engagement songs are extremely romantic and emotional. The entire atmosphere is filled with love when these songs are played during the ceremony. The lyrics of these songs are very rich and convey the emotions of the lovers perfectly. Some people convey a message to their loved one on this day through a song. These songs touch your soul and are very soothing to the ears. Some of the best engagement songs have been listed below.

1.Heaven by Bryan Adams

This  is a melodious song and starts off pretty well.It maintains the same rhythm throughout the song. This is a slow song and is an ideal track to sing to your beloved. Bryan Adams sings it very well as always.

2.Save The Best For The Last by Vanessa Williams

This song has a lot of variations and Vanessa Williams manages to sing it with ease. It will definitely appeal to you if you are in love . The music of the song only elevates its appeal and forces you listen to it repeatedly.

3.All The Way by Frank Sitara

This song is played during a lot of engagement parties. Frank Sitara’s melodious voice is sure to bring the house down and take you to a dream world filled only with love. No one could have done justice to the song the way he has.

4.Forever and For Always by Shania Twain

This is a slow romantic song with great modulation of voice by Shania Twain. There is a good use of musical instruments in the song . Lyrics of the song are meaningful and soothing to the ears.

5.Come Away With Me by Norah Jones

This is a soft song. The great music starts impressing you with the start of the song and the singing by Norah Jones makes it sound even better. This is a like able track and has been visualized perfectly in the album.

6.Can You Fell The Love Tonight by Elton John

The lyrics of this song are simple and delicate yet leave an impact on you. The music has been aptly set and Elton John has sung it exquisitely. He has rendered this song with a lot of soul and emotions. The music of the song is very innovative and is pleasing to the ears.

7.From This Moment On by Shania Twain

This is a melodious song. Shania Twain is simply scintillating in her performance. The track plays well on the pitch of the lyrics and music. The song has its own uniqueness and touches you both lyrically and musically too.

8.Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton gives lively performance in this song. It is extremely romantic and a favorite in a lot of the engagement parties. The graceful style that he adopts , lures you in full. The track has a long-lasting effect on the listener.

9.I Swear by John Michael Motgomery

This is a brilliant mega fast song by John Michael Motgomery. The song has a soft tune. John  carries the song throughout and sounds really good. His heart piercing vocals give the mood to the song. The music of the song is a class apart and outstanding.

10.The Dance by Garth Brooks

The lyrics of this song are intoxicating. The sensitive and romantic musical bondage gives it a nostalgic touch with the poetic and expressive lyrics. The best part of the song is that though the tunes are very different from each other the effect on the listener remains consistent throughout. This song has been sung by Garth Brooks.