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Music of Tanzania has the most influences of the people who are from Africa. Most cultures which are mixed such as Indonesian and Arabic had the very strong influences on the island such as Zanzibar, but also and Swahili coast had lost of influences on Tanzanian people. Still, most influences comes from Arabian people, so music of Tanzanian contains lots of elements of the Arab music, as well as it contains instruments which are in using into the culture of the Arabica people. It could be mostly seen into the music and songs which are contain stringed instruments. But, the main intercourse between relationships, of these two countries was mutual, as exportation of the dance, which is known as leiwah.

Tanzanian Music As urban dance music, Tanzania started with new music cultures by the 1930s. So, Cuban rumba was included as dance of the Tanzanian music, but also there are and other urban forms of the music, such as jazz, and others. There are also and other genres, but most important for Tanzanian people for sure that is folk music, which included the most elements of the traditional music. With folk music it is connected and folk dance and folklore that follow the music of the various instruments.

It is interesting for lots of the people that Tanzanian music also contains and genres such as rap, reggae and other new and modern genres. These genres are influences of the countries from Africa. Tanzanian music is in developing, no matter how much the Tanzanian country looks as not developed.

There are also and Festivals which are organizing each year into the Tanzania. This country’s festivals are gathering lots of people who are coming from America and Europe. Visiting festivals, there is also and chance for the tourists to visit and some cultural and historical events which are very important into the life of Tanzanian people. The festivals are mostly with international character, but also there are and those with religious and traditional characters. These festivals are mostly closed for other tourists, especially when it is some celebrations about religions. One of the most loving festival in Tanzanian is festival called as “The friendliest festival on Planet Earth”. This festival is international with quality music and lots of young musicians from various countries, but mostly from Zanzibar.

Visiting some of festivals into the Tanzania, will open you and chance for visiting and more than only music scene of this country, but also and to introduce with rich culture, tradition and history of this people.