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Music of Tamil is also known as music of the ancient people and ancient music. So, lots of songs are singing about ancient time of the Tamil. The most important role into the music of the Tamil, plays Sangam as grammatical work Tokappiyam, which means actually, various music. Music of Tamil is music that belongs to the Indian country. So, this is one form of the music which is lots of with influences of India and various elements that also influenced on Indian people and music too. But, still there are lots of differences of the Tamil music as ancient music from Indian music.

Tamil Music Considering that Tamil is old music there are various instruments which are in using when this music is playing. So, some of the most important into the life of the Tamil people are Tokaruvi, Narambukaruvi, Midarukavi and Kanchakaruvi. But, the most popular instruments are flute and yaazh and others. There are various poems which are very important for the music of the Tamil, so it needs to be mentioned Thiruppugazh and Tevaram, as two old traditional poems into the music of the Tamil music.

Keeping in mind that Tamil music is old and ancient music, it could not talk about genres such as pop, rock, jazz and other. Still there is folk music as traditional form of the music culture of the Tamil people. Still, the modern music is those which is also present of the other countries from India.

When it is about celebrations and happenings, it also should be mentioned and that Tamil people have lots of the celebrations and events. But, still the most of them are with religious characters and traditional forms. Some of the most important festivals and events followed with the music in the Tamil are: Pongal, Dance festival and Mamallapuram, Natyanjali Dance festival, Aurbathimoorvar festival, Karigai Deepam and Mohamagam festival. Most of these festivals are celebrating into the most countries of the India, but all of them are more celebrated as traditional. Some of the festivals, or better said events are followed and traditional lunch or also home celebrating into the homes of the Tamil people.

Indian music also has and classical music and developing of it. So, same with that and Tamil music has classical music. One of the moods of the Indian classical music is Raga which is described by the Pann. Pann are songs which are singing during worship, royal ceremony or some religious events.