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Tajik is the country that belongs to the Iran country of music, so same with that it has more traditional music in use, than modern genres. Traditional music of Tajik took influences of countries from Asian people, but also two are poets such as Rumi and Hafiz, that had the most influences on the music of the Tajik. Also, there are in use more languages, but national language in use is Iranian and others are Persian, Farsi and other. So, major songs are singed on the national languages, rare on other.

There are various instruments in us of the Tajik music, but most popularized and traditional are Tar and kemanche, which are dating from long time ago. They are from Central Asian, so they are providing very nice sound. So, the kemane is a spike fiddle, similar as Turkish national instrument. Also, there are in use and other instrument known as Tar. This instrument came from Central Asia but it provides more Iran music and sound than Asian. Of other instruments that are in use there are more types of them, as well as there are wind instrument, there are also and stringed instruments and other instruments such as drums and other. Tar is instrument which is in use from more countries. So, there are and using from countries such as Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and last of course Iran.

Tajikistan Music Still, the most important form of the Tajikistan music is folk. Folk music is an integral part of the Tajikistan people. So, there are more forms of the songs of the Tajikistan music, but still there are some songs which are very familiar with songs that are coming from the Uzbek song especially folk songs. There are various motives which are used for the songs. So they are singing of daily life of the every sphere of the life of Tajikistan people, but also there are and songs which are singing about work, about weddings, about love, sad and other motives. Also the important role into the life of the Tajikistan people play and heroes, described more as legends, more than ordinary and real people.

There are also and other genres into the Tajikistan music, but the most important is folk “webbed” with the all elements from the traditions and customs of the people who had lived in this country, but also who are still living into the same.