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There are lots of other countries that had influences on the music of Sudanese, so some of them most countries on the east of neighborhood, as Eritrea and Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Central African republic from the south neighborhood. As many other countries, and music of Sudanese gather people together for dancing and singing.

There are lots of traditions into the Sudanese country, but also and lots of traditions into the music of Sudanese. The most important of traditional songs for Sudanese people is “Haqiba song” which in translation from Arabic means “ Bag”. This song is song of the Bag and it still singing. As the very important part into the life of the Sudanese people plays and virginity, as method of the ethic moralities, other song into the Sudanese music which also belongs to the tradition is Tomtom song, with different rhythm and performs of the Bag’s songs.

Sudanese MusicTrough the years the modules of the Sudanese songs are changed and same with that developed. There are lots of lyrics and musical environment in the Sudan. People from Sudan are very conservative so their music is mostly organic still not developed into the rock or other modern forms. Also, there are lots of the words which are hard to translate on the other languages, which are only unique for them. But, with developing in to the technologies, with TV and wireless connection, this people start with accepting new melodies and new modules of the life.

Sudanese songs are singing in various dialects. With this music, there are various musical tones, which have not in use musical instruments. Only voices are used for expressing music of Sudanese. Considering that this country has lots of traditional elements into the life, it could be said that all songs are connected to tradition but above all to the religious.

Warm rhythms are in use into the Sudanese music, but that is for the most countries of northern Sudan. Various music scales are in use of the Sudanese music, so same with that they are comes from the influences of the Jazz music. One of the most important and famous into the Jazz music in Sudanese for sure that is Hamad el-Rayah, who has worked into the 1980s.

There are lots of celebrating into the life of Sudanese people. But, is of celebrate are followed with different traditional elements and same with that different form of the music. Most of celebrating are religious, but of course there are also and celebrating from daily life.