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Serbia is third with the largest of the Balkans countries. It is small country into the Eastern Europe. This country had lots of wars, but that doesn’t stop it on developing of various genres into the music. People are enjoying into the Serbian songs and music. There are various influences on the music of Serbian country, so most important and major of them comes from Turkish people, considering that this country were under the Turkish authority 500 years or 5 century. So, lots of songs today are based on elements that are in use in Turkish music. Still this country has it own tradition and culture.

Serbian Music The most important role into the life of the Serbian people has tradition. Traditional customs and culture especially events are followed with the songs, that belongs to the folk genre. There are and other genres into the use, such as: pop, rock, heavy, jazz, classical and other genres. Today, traditional and folk songs are in use only in some places which are not so developed. Customs are practicing still and today, but they are not followed with the traditional songs, than mostly with the songs that are modern and mixed with elements of the traditional.

The most important role into the Serbian music plays and folk dance. There are various folk dancing styles, but most important are: kolo, vlasko kolo, sota and other. In Serbian music there are also and elements of the countries from west. The most important and traditional instrument in using is frula. Frula is instrument that made from wood. Also, there are and other instruments in use such as harmonica, violin, drums, guitar and other instruments.

The most famous pop singers are: Marija Serifovic, Goca Trzan, Ana Nikolic, Tap 011, Bajaga and other. Still there are and rock famous bands such as Negative, Zana, You group and other.

Serbia is also country that included into the competition for Euro song and has success into this completion winning the first place into the 2007 years, with the song “Molitva” with interpretation of pop singer Marija Serifovic. Serbian singers are very famous not only into the Serbia, but also and other countries in her neighborhood. That why there are also lots of Serbian singers who are singing in country such as Croatia or Bosnia. Also, there are lots of Croatian singers who are singing into Serbia and they are very popular, as well as popular and Macedonian singers, Bosnian and Montenegro singers.