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Pashto music is music of Afghanistan people. So, all that is connected with Pashto music comes from Afghanistan. This music is music with very dynamic melody. Rhythm is very fast so, while you are listening it your body needs to move. Pashto music is also connected with traditional music, folk music, so it could be said that Pashto music is a folk music. Still, there are and other genres of Pashto music, but also they are very influenced by music of countries from west. With folk music it is always connected and dancing. So, when you said Afghanistan music or Pashto music lots of people first thing on the dance that follow this music. Also, there can be more dancers or one.

Pashto MusicInteresting thing about Pashto music and same with that with dancing is that dance is always performing from the women or woman, never from man. This music is very sexy music and intended fro woman to get men attention. Same with that thanks to the specific dance of this music, the sounds and songs of Pashto music could be heard worldwide. But, not only that music and songs are listening and famous worldwide, than also and dance. This dance makes you to move body, especially in the moment while you are watching professional dancers.

In the Pashto music there are also and vocals, but not so often in traditional songs. These days, you can listen various artists of Pashto music who are singing lyric songs or poems. Songs are singing about love, daily life, love woman for man and contrary, about sad, happiness and other.

There are three very important genres into the folk music, so most important for those people are tappa, neemakai and lobahs. Tappa represents older genres of folk music, based mostly on poems. But, related with this one, there are also and genre called Charbeta. Neemakai is song that is sung from women in folk, rider than from men. And most popular folk genre is lobahs, which are famous for mass singing.

As most of Afghanistan music and Pashto music includes traditional instruments as well as modern instruments. Thing that gives this music special meaning is mixture of tradition and new modern instruments. Most important are sting instruments, as well as drums and other instruments from this group. In the Pashto music there are more singers as female, than singer of male. It is maybe because of the dance that is followed with this music.