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Korean music is music that belongs to the group of music Asian people. So, most influences on this music have just been come from countries that are influences on Asian music globally. One thing that also plays important role in developing and influencing on Korean music was also and war.

In modern days influences on Koran music mostly comes from western countries, especially in creating and developing genres such as rock, pop, punk, hip-hop, jazz and other.

One of very old music is Korean music. You can find lots of information that will describe you that this music is dating from 1000 years ago. It could be said that Korean music is folk and court music. There are various forms of folk music in Korea. So, one form of folk music is Dogube. This is unique forms that various from one place to other, but keeping same typical style. Other form of Korean folk music is Namodo and it is properly to Jeolla and chungcheong area of country.

Korean Music This form of folklore is full of dramatic elements. Pansori and Sanjo are other two important forms in the Koran folk music. Pansori music represents “talk” trough the music between two men. One of them dance and other one play music in instrument. This form is very long and it could be presented as stretch for eight hours, so before that performance start, singer needs to make his voice hoarse by shouting. For Nogak music there is need for troupe of thirty musicians. The Sanjo is forms of folk music with very high and fast tempo.

In Koran music most used and also important instrument is Kayagum. So, this instrument could be played as solo, duet, or as group. Other instrument is Tanso and it belongs to the group of wind instruments and usually it is playing with flute. Resin is also one of the most important instruments in the music and it is replaces tanso. With this instrument melody that you hear is pure. Instrument that replace piano is yanggum and it is made form bamoo.

Other important role in the Korean music plays court music ad different aspects of it: aak, dan-ak and haying-ak.

When it is about happenings that are organizing in Korea and which are connected with Koran music, there are not too much festivals that are organizing. But, still most important events are: Rock festivals in South Korea, Jasan Valley Rock Festival, Soul World DJ Festival, TIMF and Tongyeong Contemporary Music Festival.