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When you say Jamaica, few things that in your mind are: colored caps, mostly hand-work, and tropic music that this country has. So, listening of Jamaican music you just have feeling that you are in some tropic place, island, with warm water, sand beach and enjoying in life. Your soul is feel of the sense of struggle and free of all bad things.

Jamaican music as lots other music is connected with organic music, which means that Jamaican music comes from traditional and folk music. In the 18th century, some of English colonizers brought Africans on the Jamaica and until that date, Jamaican music is described as freedom. That’s why it is said that when you are listening Jamaican music you feel freedom. All others genres in music of Jamaica come from folk music.

Jamaican Music Most important role and also genre in Jamaican music is new genre, which is known as reggae. This genre had lots of influences on creating and developing modern music in lots of other countries, not only Jamaica. So, reggae music or genre is speared worldwide and it comes exactly from Jamaica. It could be said that Jamaica is “mother land” of reggae music. Lots of famous musicians come from Jamaica and their songs are listening worldwide. One of the most famous with lots of influences on other countries in the world, for sure that is Bob Marley. He is “father” of reggae music in the Jamaica and speared it on the world. Some of the most famous and still listened songs are songs of him such as: “I Shot the Sheriff”, “No woman, no cry”, “Red, Red Wine”, “Redemption Song” and many other.

Today, most countries use elements of reggae music in creating their own music, but still the only place where you can hear organic reggae music is Jamaica. There are numerous of singers and bands that are singing and playing music in Jamaica, but one of the most famous who leaved the trace, not only in the music in Jamaica, but also in the music all over the world for sure that is Bob Marley, but also it should be mentioned and other such as: Queen Ifrica, Cherry Laine, Mortimer Planno, Major Lazer, Leo Williams and other.

Considering the place where Jamaica is situate, the music festivals and events are very often in this country. This country is open for new guests, for dancing by all day and night and for singing. Most of important musical festivals are: Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival, Carnival, Jamaica Ocho Rios Jazz Festival and other.