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Considering the fact that populations of Guyana are contains with 6 ethnic groups, it could be said that people of Guyana are Africans, East Indians, Portuguese, American, European and Chinese. So, each of these ethnic group brings something new and influenced on developing not only country of Guyana, but also and culture, which includes: music, arts, films, etc, and also traditions, customs and other.

Because that African are more dominate than other nations in Guyana, the most influences on music actually comes from them. But, of course, there were and other people who has their contribution on creating and developing Guyanese music.

Guyanese Music Permanent fixture in the Guyanese music has Quek Queh or also Masquerade Music, which used in the time of slave, when slaves when they have finished their crop season, went on the drums and dance and sings for celebrating finishing of crop seasons. Some countries, such as India call this ritual “Junkanoo”. This rituals have been just begun of the Shanto , and early from of Calypso. So, there are different ways of the Guyanese music. Important are: shanto, calypso, indo-caribbean, reggae and popular music.

Indian music comes form Indian people and from immigrants from South Asia. It was mostly folk music with different styles. Reggae music is music that comes from Jamaica. This music comes in the late 1960s.

These days there are number of artists who are famous in Guyanese music in this country and spread. Music of Guyana is very popular and often listened music all over the world. Characteristic of this music is also that it doesn’t have classical music, opera and other elements that are specially familiar to the most countries in Europe.

Considering how Guyanese music has started and how it is developing, it could be more said that it was music of the slaves. But, today, thank for developments and innovations, there are no more slaves, so Guyanese music is music for all people not only slaves. There are lots of various artist of the Guyanese music, but some of most important are: BG Musicians Band, Al Seales and his Washboard Swing Orchestra, Bert Rogers and His Aristocrats Dance Orchestra and many others. Of bands that are very important in the life of Guyanese people are: The Rockets, Bumble and the Saints, Dominators, Micheiveous Guys, Cannonbals and many others. There are lots of the famous Guyana songs, but some of the most listened are: Missy Loss, Ol’ Man House of Fiah, Aunte Bess, Ting Na Regulah and other.