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Land with the richest and old culture in the world for sure that is Greek. No matter how much it is small countries. Greek is country which has been organic of lots cultural sights, music, tradition, rhetoric, mythology, philosophy and politic. Democracy is the word and political system that comes from Greek and famous names such as Aristotle, “father of policy”, Plato, his pupil, Socrates, Demosthenes and many other famous and important names in the cultural life of Greek and other countries in Europe and spread. But, among with important names in the policy, philosophy, algorithm and other sciences, important role in the developing of the culture around the Europe of Greek was and in the musical way.

Greek Music Lots of the terms which are musical are important in the Greek music: harmony, tune, melody, choir, scene, orchestra, chromatic, rhythm, hymn, lyre and psalm. Still, Greek music added lots of elements from Romans, Byzantium music and from the period of Renaissance. Greek music is with lots of the elements of folklore or folk music, which represents and organic and traditional music of the Greek. Beside folk music, Greek music also has and other genres such as Jazz, rock, pop and other. There are also lots of elements, in nowadays music of Greek, of Samba and other Latin music.

When you someone say Greek music, first association of the music from that country is music of the famous ballet: “Zorba the Greek” or also known Sirtaki dance. Elements of this music are very often used in Greek music and lot of people enjoy in it. Also, the most important role in the Greek music is bouzouki, stringed instrument that is still in using in different genres of the Greek music.

Today, you can also hear lots of elements of Greek music in music of other countries. This music is very melodic and nice for listening. It has spirit of the ancient time and takes you back in the past. Also, in the Euro song competition, Greek was winner before three year. Last year with the elements of the folk Greek music Greek song was one of the most favorite.

Some of the most famous names in the Greek music are: Nancy Alexiadi, Stefanos Korkolis, Vlassis Bonatsos, Mikae Delta, Andreas Lagios, Sabrina, Othon Matargas, Peggy Zina, Mirk Yemendzakis, Nikos Xanthoulis and others.

Greek festivals are organizing during the whole year, so most important are: Athens Tango Festival, Ireon Music Festival, Panigiri Lagada, Rockwave Festival, Safari Groove, Santorini Jazz Festival and other.