Old Dutch music Songs Download, Free Dutch folk and Pop MP3 download

Dutch is country and it is Netherlands, so all influences on the Dutch music come from the different styles of the music that had influence on the Netherland country. Most influences come from United State and United Kingdom, but still, Dutch music has unique style and rhythm. So, most important is that Dutch music has traditional style and genre, also called “Lavenslied”. Lavenslied actually in translation means song about life. Dutch is used non to refer people, language and anything that comes from Netherlands.

As well as traditional music Dutch music also includes and other genres of the music. So, classical and contemporary music, folk, Jazz, pop, rock, hard rock, punk, death metal music, electronic music and rap are the genres familiar to Dutch music.

Dutch Music Different genres have and different melodies and rhythm, so folk melodies in Dutch country are with happy melody and fast. List of the jazz composers and artist is large, but some names which are very important for Jazz music in the Dutch music are: Misha Mengelberg, composer and pianist, Han Bennink percussionist, drummer and multi-instrumentalist and Willem Breuker. Interesting thing is that rock music can be divided on more categories, so some of rock sub-genres are death metal, symphonic rock and hard rock, punk, boerenrock and indie rock.

In the traditional music most used instruments are accordion and barrel organ traditional instruments, but modern and popular musician also sometimes use traditional instruments in creating new melodies. Most used barrel organ is also old instrument that is often used in the Austria, Germany, Mexico and other countries with different shapes and sizes.

Dutch musicians are famous as well as in their country and in other countries. List of the artists and bands in the Dutch music is very large, so let’s mention some of bands and artists: 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Abel, Alquin, Amber, Armand, Aux Raus, Babe, bad Candy, Basic Station, Caliber, cats, D-Men, Democrasasea, Fatal Flower, Focus, Het, Hatink, Bernard, I-F, Janse Bagge Bend, K-liber, Kift, Q’65 Racoon and many others.

When it is about important days and holidays for celebrating of the Netherlands, there are lots of the holidays which Dutch people are using and celebrating. But, same is and with important musical festivals, which are gather lots of people all over the world. Most famous musical festivals are: Fields of rock, oerol festival, Eurosonic festival, Dance valley, metal meltdown, Dutch metal fest, Bospop, Output festival, 5 days off and many other festivals.