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Denmark music is famous with classical composers, especially with the name of Carl Nielsen and his six symphonies. But, not only that classical music is famous and in uses in this country, but also and other genres of it. More of periods are important in developing of Denmark music: origins, historical period, period of classical music, the golden age period, era of Carl Nielsen and light classical period.

Today, the Danish music offers lots of various genres, so there are pop, rock, electronic music, jazz, folk and world music. Most of Denmark musicians who are also famous and in other countries are in the genres of pop and alternative rock.

Denmark Music Denmark is country with traditions and rich cultures and customs. Denmark music belongs to the Scandinavians countries, so much of the instruments that are using in these countries are also and traditional instruments in Denmark music, especially for folk music. Denmark is especially famous with folk music and dancing. Folk music was always the part of Denmark people. Contrary to other European countries, Denmark folk music based on ballads as well as on dance music.

Names that are important to the Denmark pop scene are: Thomas Helmig, Grethe and Jorgen Ingmamm who has won on Eurovision songs, twice and many other. During the time there are different creators of the music who leaved the important trace on the Denmark music but also and on the life of Denmark people. So, important names are: Aksel Agerby, Viggo Emil Bielefeld, Valravn, Helge Bonnen, Anna Faroe, Asger Techau, Barth HW, Bilag, Bochim Total and others.

Important role in the life each Denmark person plays music. People enjoy in listening of it and dancing. So, there are no needs to be some occasions for dancing and singing music. But, in the most occasions such as weddings, some state holidays and other, the most of the music is folk music. Still on the parties, but also and on the weddings and occasions that are gather young people, you can hear lots of the pop, jazz and rock songs.

Comparing with other European countries, Denmark is country which belongs to the group of those countries with lots of festivals. Some of the musical festivals are: Copenhagen Jazz festival, Roskilde festival in 2006,2007,2008,2010, Aalborg Metal Festival, Spot and other festivals, which are about music. Denmark is also and country with organizing other festivals, not only music.